Fix my Tesla

Nowadays, a large number of people want to fix my Tesla, to make their car stand out from the stream of other cars. The demand for tuning does not fall from year to year, and new technologies and modern materials for car upgrades appear systematically. This excitement about tuning has been going on for decades, although it is believed that car upgrades have appeared recently. Let’s talk about this in more detail.

Fix my tesla: tuning history

The originality of every person on earth is one of the basic foundations of personal self-expression. The desire to be different from others motivates people to develop themselves and improve everything around them. Trying to express individuality, we want to do something that will confirm uniqueness and attract admiring looks from others. Tesla tuning can be a projection of these inner desires.

People started tuning their cars a century ago! It was at the dawn of the twentieth century, car enthusiasts began to show a desire to upgrade something in their vehicles. One of the reasons for this was car racing, which at that time became particularly popular. In order to win, those involved needed to have a powerful car. Young people wanted speed and power.

The first idea was logical and clear to everyone. The car had to be made light, so removing everything unnecessary (seats, trim elements, spare wheels) was worth removing. Then the specialists got to the internal structure and sometimes began to install two engines in the car.

As the years went by, auto-tuning was actively developing. The rapid growth of this service came in the fifties when more and more new cars could not keep up with the production line. When buying a vehicle, every second car owner wants to make it unique. The scale of the upgrade became more serious.

Today Tesla tuning is widespread. Owners of electric cars actively use the service of improving their cars, and the sphere of tuning now has billions in revenue.

What is tuning like?

  •         If the upgrade is aimed at the exterior of the car, then it is, respectively, external tuning. It includes:
  •         – Various headlight covers (this is the original element of fix my tesla, with which it is easy to distinguish your car from a series of similar ones and give the “face” of the car the chosen expression);
  •         – rims (one of the distinguishing parts of the electric car);
  •         – neon lights (a great way to make your car beautiful, something you want to admire and enjoy);
  •         – The body kit (made for beauty and improving the aerodynamics of the car, as well as giving the car an aggressive sporty look);
  •         – Airbrush (super effective method to brightly decorate your vehicle, demonstrating originality and style).


If the interior of the car is tuned, this type of upgrade refers to the interior. It is worth noting that the improvement of the car’s interior is aimed both at comfort for the driver and the aesthetic component. The main methods of internal Tesla tuning include:

  •         – tuning pedals (nowadays their range is pleasantly impressive, it is easy to choose interesting variants for your car);
  •         – a steering wheel with additional buttons (a sought-after detail that visibly transforms the car from the inside);
  •         – tuned instrument panels (super solution for creating a special atmosphere);
  •         – car seats in “sports” style (looks very cool);
  •         – backlighting (creates a magical atmosphere in the car);
  •         – window tinting (by the way, tinting refers to both exterior and interior tinting).


There are a lot of options to fix my Tesla today. And the result depends on the imagination of the car owner and the professionalism of the craftsmen.