Tesla Customization

Car customization for a specific owner, which is performed in non-factory conditions. To make the car more tailored to the needs of a particular owner.

  • Recovery after an accident (tin)
  • Paint work (painting body parts in original colors
  • Carrying out restyling work

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Tesla car tuning

TESLA Tuning — There Is Always Room To Grow or There Is No Limit To Perfection

Subtitle: All the imperfections are the reverse side of advantages. Working on imperfections can lead to obtaining completely new qualities. Let’s talk about what can be improved in the incomparable Tesla.

«As you a boat name, so it will float»

No one can deny Elon Musk’s naming expertise for its wit and love for acronyms. The abbreviation that consists of the four main names of the Tesla brand line – Model S, Model 3, Model X, Model Y – when written in a column makes the playful word SEXY. Thanks for being sexy again, Elon! In this phrase, in addition to lightness and flirt, there is a felicitous speech trick. As well as the company’s logo, reminiscent of a graceful cat’s nose pulled up to the top. Everything in the brand seems to be woven from contradictions and presents a play on the verge of genius and creative insanity. But let’s move on from words to deeds. That is to design.

First, let’s look at the S, 3, X, and Y specifications. 3, X, and Y models have the same suspension, chassis, interior, and other details. S and X models have improved Tesla S Plaid and Tesla X Plaid modifications. Model S and Model X have aluminum body.

Table 1. Model Years

S 3 X Y Plaid
2009 2016 2012 2019 2021


«Tesla’s eyes»  «I met a girl, a crescent eyebrow, a birthmark on her cheek, and her eyes…»

The common feature for all four models S, 3, X, Y, and the two latest modifications, is two giant glass structures – one is a 15-17-inch touchscreen in the center of the driver’s panel, and the other one is a 2.5-meter tinted transparent arc overhead, a windshield that serves as a moon roof. Conservatives think this seems excessively extravagant: “Such piece of glass makes the car look more like a giant bubble.” But not only it improves the side vision but also impresses with its unusualness. In it, you feel like a museum piece, which was taken out for a ride in a glass box. On the contrary, technosexuals and romantics from Silicon Valley, perceive a single solution for the top of Tesla cars, as a bold designer’s step that brings the shape of the car closer to the aesthetics of science fiction novels – such as a “space suit car”, where the top resembles a pressure helmet or a giant porthole. Surely, attempts to understand the design trick with the roof of the Tesla cars will lead us into a long chain of reasoning, resulting in unexpected questions, such as: “Why don’t Swedish people use window blinds in the evenings?”

The Tesla touchscreen deserves a separate word. This is a true apogee of ergonomic thought. All developers’ efforts seem to be thrown to this screen. And it is amazing! The size of a paper road map, perfectly designed and comfortable. Therefore, Tesla’s “eyes” are unusual indeed.

Futuristic Tesla Tuning

By nature, Tesla is cheerful, a little childish, sensual, simple, and not at all demanding. Those cruise control modes that German and British brands call “Eco” or “Efficiency”, the light-hearted Tesla turns almost into a lounge bar, mockingly naming them “Chill”. This drive mode allows you to slow down even on a 20% slope. On the track, however, the all-wheel-drive Tesla is ready to accelerate insanely. But the rest of the time the car floats smoothly and quietly as a swan. 

The overall impression of the interior is that it is stylish, minimal, and in some way even ascetic. However, Tesla is considered a premium electric vehicle.

Among the shortcomings which refer to all Tesla models are the large weight of the batteries, the low gravity center, the suspension lacking structural rigidity, and too stiff chassis.

Table 3. Weigh

S 3 X Y S Plaid  X Plaid
4561,7 lbs/2069 kg 4078,5 lbs/1850 kg 5185,7 lbs/2352 kg 4398,2 lbs/1995 kg 4883,2 lbs/2215 kg 5390,3 lbs/2445 kg


For Tesla Tuning it is important to consider its heavy weigh, suspension stiffness, the residual effects of the “trolley phenomena” – the induction momentum during ultrafast acceleration and overheating during braking, as well as poor sound insulation.

Tesla’s exterior seems yet raw and unfinished. Perhaps the car of the future, like the Greek Proteus, has not yet found its form, and is “in search of a better shape.”


The acceleration of the Tesla Model 3 is amazing. Acceleration is the most powerful among all existing cars. In the latest models, the first 60mi/h is achieved in 3.5-4 seconds. Dynamically, it overtakes even the famous BMW M3 sports car.

For all the merits of the Tesla Model 3, its driving behavior on the track has some downsides in the sense of traction manipulation. The steering wheel of the electric car is sensitive, but non really resposive. It gives the impression of instant response on the highway, but gives you jitters when drifting on the track due to its heavy weigh and overheating. For comparison: the weight of the BMW M3 is 3439,2 lbs/1560 kg, the Tesla Model 3 weighs 4078,5 lbs/1850 kg. Wherever the massive Tesla Model 3 requires patience, the BMW M3 delivers an almost weightless “pizzicato” of driving agility. With a Tesla Model 3 tuned for the track, it would be worth halving the battery and doubling the cooling to improve handling. The Tesla Model S has introduced Ludicrous Mode on the track with a computerized battery fuse to improve the car’s racing performance. There is a special Track mode.

With Tesla Model 3 Tuning, you can get rid of the massmarket touch in the external design of the hatchback, which looks like it was doodled by an elementary student. Your car will no longer look cheap after adding custom details and wheels which will contribute to its idividuality.


During test drives on country roads, Tesla Model X has a range of 199 mi or 320 km, hopping and bouncing. Tire noises that resonate off the huge windshield on uneven ground can be annoying. At speeds over 60mi/h or 100 km/h, you can feel aerodynamic vibrations, hear the trim squeaks, and the roar of air conditioning fans in the cabin. Chairs are quite uncomfortable, lacking support, which causes long legs of adult passengers shake while driving. To improve the car’s maneuverability, Tesla Model X Tuning should consider all the shortcomings mentioned above.

Elon Musk himself called Tesla Model X a “spaceship” due to its wing doors. But, for all its revolutionary design, Model X lacks good quality and comfort. Its appearance can be rather called “body positive”. The car’s weight of 5185,7 lbs/2352 kg feels very massive.

While Tuning Tesla Model X, you have to take into account the lack of integrity and the overall fragmentation of the design. While driving, the steering wheel turns out to be uninformative, there is a large inertia of electric traction, and things from the trunk  freely get inside the salon, which is not separated by any partition. To fix these “bugs”, when Tuning Tesla Model X, you can mount partitions between the rear row of seats and the luggage compartment, install consoles between the rear seats.


Tesla Model Y appered in 2019, being the latest stage in the promotion of electric vehicles to the masses. This babe is 10% larger than the Tesla Model 3, weighs 4398,2 lbs/1995 kg, has a higher ground clearance and a hatchback body, which adds space inside the car and increases its capacity to 6, or even 7 (!) persons. It is made of high-strength steel and has an ultra-minimalistic interior, flavored with heated seats and steering wheel. The roof and seats are placed higher, which is why the rear seats are only comfortable for children, while adults get tired of legs dangling like windshield wipers. The quality of assembly and finish leave much to be desired.While Tesla Model Y Tuning, it would be possible to diversify the appearance. Because one variation with a metallic color and 20-inch wheels, as well as the same type of eco-leather in the cabin, seems boring. Even too boring! However, this does not negate the practical value of the Tesla Model Y, being a family car, carrying strollers for a bunch of kids.


Tesla Model S Plaid Tuning has room to grow. For example, the sample of an electric haute couture, all-wheel drive Battista Pininfarina, due to a 120 kWh lithium-ion battery and an electric motor, is capable of developing 1930 hp. and reach 2300 Nm. Whereas the Tesla Model S Plaid produces 1020 hp. and a torque of 1428 Nm. Battista Pininfarina accelerates in 2 seconds to 60 mi/100 km, and its maximum speed is 217 mi/h or 350 km/h. Its large weight of 2 tons is hardly felt due to the optimal weight distribution of the structure. The base of the Battista Pininfarina is made of carbon fiber monocoque. Tesla Model S Plaid is heavier. However, in acceleration, it is practically not inferior to Battista Pininfarina. It accelerates to 60 mi or 100 km / h in just 2.1 seconds! The top speed of the Tesla Model S Plaid is 200 mi / h or 322 km / h, which is close to the peak acceleration of the aristocratic “Italian”. The Battista Pininfarina’s quality of finish is almost a masterpiece, although instead of genuine leather they use recycled materials. The design of the car impresses with exquisite beauty and sensuality, inimitable grace, and purity of lines. Whereas in the Tesla Model S Plaid Tuning, you first need to improve the quality of the steering wheel and interior trim.