Tesla tuning

Tuning Tesla – is the transformation of the car both externally and internally. The purpose of such an event is the desire of car enthusiasts to create a Uniq tesla and to reflect in it their individuality, their character, and their style. A car tuned on the exterior always stands out in the stream and attracts the attention of others. And a quality upgrade inside the interior gives the car owner maximum comfort and pleasure while driving.

In fact, external transformations are called “styling”. But “tuning” originally meant the change of regular characteristics only (for example, increasing power, increasing control, reducing fuel consumption). However, both among the people and among specialists, the word “tuning” has caught on to any improvements to the car.

Tuning Tesla: types

From aerodynamic body kits to headlights with eyelashes, from tinting  the windows to replacing the factory mats – the transformation of the electric car can be any! Everything depends on the imagination of the car owner.


If you have decided to fix my Tesla, you should know what kind of Tesla tuning is.

  1.     1.     Exterior. This upgrade includes all changes to the appearance of the tesla custom. It is possible to achieve an impressive visual effect in many ways. This and a variety of drawings on the doors, hood, and not only (airbrushing), this bright rims, which in the market of car accessories just a lot, this and fascinating neon lights, and beautiful trim tesla body kit, tesla wild body and much more.
  2.     Internal. This type of upgrade is designed primarily for the car owner. Such tuning will add both comfort and uniqueness to the car interior. The driver can change literally everything inside the car to provide maximum pleasure and comfort while driving.

This could include the retouching of the vehicle’s interior, installing additional cushions, window tinting, mechanical anti-theft device, interesting themed seat covers, and themed mats, fascinating interior illumination, and an unusual steering wheel with additional control buttons and tuned pedals. And this is not the whole list of possible changes to the interior of the electric car.

Tuning: a little bit of history

Many modern people think that tuning appeared relatively recently – just a couple of decades ago. But it is not true, because we are talking about the whole century! Already at the beginning of the twentieth century, people began to change the factory parameters of their vehicles. One of the reasons for this was car racing, which in those days gained enormous popularity.

At first, they were small workshops with the same, small, capabilities. After the war, however, everything changed.

In the fifties of the 21st century, there was a real car boom! More and more new cars were coming out of the assembly line. People were buying new cars, and every second wanted to make their personal vehicle different from the others: cooler, more beautiful, and more powerful. The number of ateliers, specializing in tuning, began to grow as fast as possible, and nowadays market of tuning has, without exaggeration, income in billions. Car tuning is in great demand all over the world!

TSK club specializes in the manufacture and sale of tesla custom parts, which are made of carbon fiber.  TSK carbon – is an excellent opportunity to purchase high-quality parts to make the coolest tuning possible. Today the number of options for both external and internal Tesla tuning is enormous, and the number of drivers who want to make their cars unique is increasing every day.