TSK club

TSK club – This is where you can buy parts for Tesla tuning, with which it is easy to transform an electric car and make it unique.

Carbon used in tuning is a carbon fiber and has excellent characteristics: high strength, low weight, and stiffness. Even though carbon fiber is stronger than steel, at the same time it is much lighter than steel. In addition to all the advantages, carbon looks nice and solid.

What tuning can be done with parts from the TSK club

Nowadays, as many years ago, tuning cars in general and tuning Tesla, in particular, is in great demand. And one of the most popular materials for this is carbon fiber. It is what many car enthusiasts prefer to use to upgrade the bumper, hood (this is the most common part, which is replaced by carbon fiber for tuning), door handles, torpedo, mirror housings, and body kits. Carbon parts are also often used for the interior of the car.

Carbon fiber came into fashion thanks to sports cars because the parts made of this material have a clear purpose here – a lot of strength at an extremely low weight.

The use of carbon fiber in Tesla tuning is widespread for the reason this material gives a status to the vehicle. Not without reason, even the most elite car brands today often use carbon elements in interior design.

Tuning types

Tesla tuning has two goals: visual effect and convenience for the driver himself. In this regard, there are two types of tuning: external and internal. More about that in detail.

  1.   1.     Internal. This type includes everything that is done inside the interior of the electric car. This includes all kinds of mats, a unique steering wheel, tinting, retouching of seats, and original seat belts. Internal tuning pleases the driver’s eye, gives aesthetic pleasure, and provides maximum driving comfort.
  2.     Exterior. In this case, everything is done to improve the design of a car. Drivers often prefer to upgrade their transport with the help of powerful body kits, cool rims, interesting drawings on doors, roof, car hood (it is called aerography), and changing rear-view mirrors. This type of tuning also includes tinting (which has already been mentioned in the description of internal tuning). The thing is that window tinting is both aesthetic and practical. Due to it, there is no unnecessary light entering the cabin, so both the driver and passengers of the car feel most comfortable.

When did tuning appear?

Even though many people imagine the emergence of tuning in the 21st century, it is not true. People were improving their cars a century ago. In the early twenties of the last century, car enthusiasts modified cars to their tastes. The reason for this was the active development of auto racing. Each participant in this event sought to make their vehicle cooler than the others. At that time, the concept of “tuning” had a small scale – in small workshops specialists were changing only individual factory auto parts.

The real demand for tuning is in the fifties, the postwar years. It was at that time that the active production of various cars began. By buying them, a large percentage of drivers tried to make their vehicles unique.

Today, tuning is in great demand, so small ateliers have turned into large-scale workshops.

TSK club is a great option to buy quality parts for Tesla tuning. Carbon products guarantee the high quality of the electric car and excellent appearance.